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Ottuki Parent support group Program

November 9th The graduation ceremony for Ottuki's parenting class

60 parents who have completed the Ottuki Parent Class (a program for parents with children aged 0-5) continue to work as Support Groups.

Three groups of students who completed the spring semester of 2021 and three groups of those who completed the fall semester of 2021, led by Instructor Choi Young-ok, Instructor Joo Jeong-ah, and Lee Jae-eun, share useful information through Kakao Talk, exchange opinions about childcare, and share concerns with each other. are communicating.

Also, through face-to-face meetings, they meet with their support group family members, maintain good acquaintance, and spend a pleasant and fruitful time to comfort and help immigrant life, and to meet good friends. We express our gratitude to the Living Counseling Center and are actively working.

7/31/2021 Federal Way Support Group

8/28/2021 Seattle Support Group

7/18/2021 Bellevue Support Group

12/4/2021 Sunday Support Group

3/31/2022 Sunday Support Group

4/2/2022 Tuesday Support Group

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