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  • Sign up for Camp YouthKAN, Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29, 2022 at Ayeko Farm*! Five days and four nights of making friends, creative play, and telling stories for change, food justice, and building outdoor skills and community.

  • Applications are due Friday, April 15th. Camp participation is open to 20 students, and applicants will be notified of their Attendance or Waitlist status by April 30, 2022.

  • Cost: $0-100 sliding scale. Please pay registration fee here after confirmation that you are accepted into camp, and input "Youth Camp Registration" and the student's name in the notes section.

  • We offer sliding scale because we know that income and wealth disparity is a systemic problem and not the fault of the individual. All youth regardless of household income are eligible for participation. Considering your household size and household income, please determine what percentage of the full registration is right for your family. Check this household income chart for guidance:

Household          Suggested Cost          Suggested Cost         Suggested Cost         Suggested Cost        Suggested Cost

         size                             $0                                      $25                                  $50                                    $75                                 $100

            3                         <$ 52,100                         $ 65,125                           $ 78,150                         $ 91,175                      $ 104,200

            4                         <$ 57,850                         $ 72,312                           $ 86,775                      $ 101,237                       $ 115,700

            5                         <$ 62,000                        $ 77,500                          $ 93,000                    $ 108,500                      $ 124,000

            6                         <$ 67,150                          $ 83,937                        $ 100,725                       $ 117,512                       $ 134,300

            7                         <$ 71,750                          $ 89,687                        $ 107,625                      $ 125,562                      $ 143,500

  • Anyone ages 14-19 may register.

  • Overnight participation is not required to register for Camp YouthKAN. Transportation will be provided to Camp Ayeko at the beginning and end of camp, and will not be provided for days in between.

  • To participate in camp, we are asking all individuals to be 2 weeks beyond their Covid-19 vaccination. This experience will be completely outdoors, and we will help participants prepare for this accordingly.

  • KCSC will be able to provide camping gear for those attendees who will not bring their own. Please indicate in the registration form below if you will be needing to borrow camping equipment.

  • *Ayeko Farm is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and family-centered space, where folks can come to feel comfortable on the land and connect to nature, explore culture through food, medicine, and nature, and nourish and heal. We try to grow food with the least harm to the earth, and we focus on growing food that is important to many different cultures. We are making this space available for farmers who have previously lost access to land through colonial violence, forced migration, or institutional racism. We create space for people to celebrate and maintain culture, earn income, and build community. 

  • Ayeko Farm: 41633 236th Ave SE Enumclaw, WA 98022

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