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Korean immigrant and Korean American couples who are preparing for children and family are welcome here!

Join Us for an Empowering Journey!


This group will help expectant parents prepare for healthy relationships and development in the early stages of building a family! The group is held in Korean and English. Registration begins in February and September 2024, and both the spring and the fall seasons are held for 8 weeks.

Korean Community Service Center is inviting Korean immigrant and Korean American couples to join the Korean American expectant parents class, a program supported by King County Best Start for Kids. This program is designed for couples who are preparing for pregnancy, or pregnant and expecting. The program aims to provide self-management strategies for pregnancy and parenting and assist expectant parents in preparing for early stages of life. The classes are also intended to promote balanced physical, emotional, and mental development for children.


This support group welcomes 1st, 1.5, and 2nd generation Korean Americans with immigrant and bicultural experiences, to journey together through the difficulties and joys of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and family transitions. The group will be facilitated by healthcare professionals, parent education specialists, and a licensed mental health counselor. Through this support group, families can learn how to build healthy and happy families and babies and address prenatal and postpartum mood disorders, prepare for a healthy birth, and create a healthy parenting team. This is also an opportunity to build community with other local expecting Korean American parents.


The class provides:

  • Expert-led workshops: Pregnancy Care, Childbirth Preparation, and Newborn Care

  • Interactive sessions: Couple Dynamics and Parent-Child Bonding

  • Supportive community: Share experiences and address concerns in a dedicated support group

  • Information on child developmental milestones, social-emotional growth

  • Opportunities to transform your preparation into confidence, knowledge, and lasting connections


This group will be facilitated in Korean and English language, based on assessed needs, and will be open to the first 6 families/couples who register.​​​​​

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  • Registration Period: Feb 5, 2024 - Feb 27, 2024

  • Schedule: Every Saturday (3/2 – 4/20), 10am – 12:30pm

  • Location: KCSC (22727 Hwy 99 Ste 212, Edmonds, WA 98026)

  • Registration Inquiries: Mi Hyeon Kim, RN, MN, Family Program Coordinator (, Korean Community Service Center (425) 776-2400

*We at KCSC envision an expansive and inclusive Korean community and seek to center marginalized narratives. We recognize that exclusionary definitions of Korean American have harmed members of our Korean American community. Our definition of “Korean-American co-parents” are inclusive of Korean adoptees, mixed-race families, LGBTQI+ families, and co-parents of any generation and marital status. 

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Register Here!

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