Expectant Parents Groups 

For English-speaking parents who are expecting a new child



If you are expecting a child after November 2022, please consider joining our groups for expectant Korean-American parents*.


These groups will help prepare you as co-parents for intergenerational communication, emotional connection, self-care and coping strategies in these early stages of your growing family! Groups are conducted in the English language. Registrations open in September 2022, and groups will run for 8-weeks throughout October and November. 

*We at KCSC envision an expansive and inclusive Korean community and seek to center marginalized narratives. We recognize that exclusionary definitions of Korean American have harmed members of our Korean American community. Our definition of “Korean-American co-parents” are inclusive of Korean adoptees, non-Korean adoptive parents, mixed-race families, LGBTQI+ families, and co-parents of any generation and marital status.