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Korean American
parents of seattle (kaps) support groups

The mission of the KAPS Support Group program is to focus on the mental health of parents and caregivers and support healthy relationships within Korean-American families through gatherings of parents and caregivers with Korean American children ages 0-5 years old.

Different support groups will be offered quarterly and they will be six or eight week long commitments with groups meeting weekly. Groups cap at five participants with a facilitator to ensure intimacy and space for all individuals to speak. Throughout the six weeks, participants will explore a wide variety of subjects that relate to parenting like identity, culture, decolonized parenting, intergenerational issues, etc. Facilitators will prepare content for each support group but we encourage individuals to bring to the group whatever is on their heart. 

Through the KAPS Support Group program, we hope to build a safe and welcoming community where all parents feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

KAPS Moms Facebook Group

If you identify as a Korean American mom or female caregiver, or a mom of Korean American children, come join our Facebook group! This Facebook group is a space for all Korean American moms and female caregivers in the Greater Seattle Area. KCSC has created this group with the desire to create a safe space where you will feel heard, seen, and rooted for! 



  • We provide support for parents through:

    • Cooking Classes with Dr. Kay Park

      • Saturdays 9/17 and 9/24, 3-6PM, Verdant Community Wellness Center​​

    • KAPS Newborn Moms Support Group for mothers of infants ages 0-1

      • Fridays 9/30-11/18, 1-3PM, Zoom​

    • KAPS Moms Support Group for mothers of children ages 0-5

      • Wednesdays 10/12-11/16, 6-9PM, In-Person - Seattle​

      • Fridays 10/14-11/18, 4-7PM, Zoom/Hybrid

    • If none of these dates and times works for your schedule but you are still interested in being a part of KAPS, please fill out the contact form below or email Liz at

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