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KCSC is the official certifying organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award !

PVSA is highly recognized national volunteer award, and the President issues the letter of appreciation.
Depending on the number of volunteer service hours, there are gold, silver and bronze awards, and one receives lifetime award with 4000 and more hours of volunteer service.
KCSC is awaiting more volunteers. One volunteer can make a big difference-society may change or a life may change. We need volunteers in many areas: Audio/Video, computer skills, academic and psychological mentoring for young people, translation and interpretation, social work and more.
retirees are welcome too.    

Volunteer Award Qualification

-  U.S. citizen or Permanent resident
-  Service time calculation is done yearly or lifetime
-  Court-ordered community service does not count
-  Application is done through certifying Organization
-  Only services done for organizations in the U.S. and its territories are recognized.

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In Recognition of Our Invaluable Volunnteers

On behalf of the Korean Community Service Center, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our invaluable volunteers for their active participation in giving back to the community. All of them have shown compassion through their effort and hard work. They are true inspiration to everyone. We do hope they have gained some inner satisfaction in knowing through their efforts they have made our community a better place. In 2017 alone, our volunteers have contributed 2,643 hours of their time at Korean Community Service Center. 

Soo Hyun Cho, 조수현 /  Kyung Hee Cho, 조경희 /  Grace Choe, 그레이스최 /  Kyung Won Choi, 최경원 /  Na Young Chung, 정나영

Sung Kil Chun, 전성길 /  Moon Hee Han, 한문희 /  Kyung Hee Kang, 강경희 /  Michelle Kim, 김미현 /  Olivia Kim, 올리비아 김

Sung Hae Kim, 김성해 /  Tim Kim, 김길수 /  Won Jun Kim, 김원준 /  Yu Min Kim, 김유민 / Young Mi Lee, 이영미 / Suk Yeon Oh,오석연

Grace Park, 그레이스 박 /  Mee Na Park, 박미나 /  Young Joon Park, 박영준 /  Young Min Song, 송영민 /  Rachel Kim Tschida, 레이첼 김

Michael Wakeley, 마이클 웨이클리

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