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  • The YouthKAN storytelling scholarship was created in 2020 through the generosity of community members. This scholarship fund was created to support youth in our community who are working toward social change and (re)defining what it means to be a Korean American youth today. This is a youth lead scholarship where YouthKAN council members vision and ideate scholarshop prompts, aligning with the work of the YouthKAN council. This scholarship fund encourages youth to share prose, music, art and poetry in addressing questions about social justice, identity, and mental health.

  • The Scholarship awards two categories of awards: Community Award and YouthKAN award to recognize both youth in our community as well as youth participating in the YouthKAN Council. To learn more about the scholarship and view previous year’s submissions please visit

  • If you are interested in contributing to the YouthKAN Storytelling Scholarship Fund, please visit 

Congratulations to:  

-Aaron Lee, 12th grade, Kamiak High School
-Lorencia Pak, 12th grade, Kamiak High School
-Katherine Kang, 11th grade, University Prep
-Amanda Kang, YouthKAN member, 12th grade, Garfield High School
-Eunice Back, YouthKAN member, 12th grade, Shorecrest High School
-Angela Seymour, YouthKAN member, 12th grade, Shorecrest High School
-Yuna Kim, YouthKAN member, 12th grade, Todd Beamer High School

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