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Victim Of Crime Act



The Korean Community Service Center (KCSC) has received funding from the Washington State Department of Commerce to provide emergency grants to repair broken windows and replace broken locks to help Korean American small businesses affected by crime get back on their feet quickly.


The program will also provide psychological counseling to help them heal and recover from the psychological effects of the crime, with the cost of the counseling to be covered on a sliding scale based on income.

The program will continue to be offered by KCSC in 2024 after it began in 2023.


The program is only available to businesses with 15 or fewer employees in Washington State who have filed a police report and have a police report number after a criminal victimization incident in 2024.


Once applications are received, KCSC will review them and provide assistance to eligible small businesses until funds are depleted.


Business owners who wish to apply can contact the KCSC 425-776-2400.

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