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High School Program


Middle School Program

“ Empowering Asian American youth as catalysts for positive change, our mission is to create a society where mental health is prioritized, policy changes foster equality, the model minority myth is dismantled, and systemic barriers are dismantled. Through education, advocacy, and unity, we strive to cultivate a future where every individual's well-being is nurtured, where policies reflect true inclusivity, where stereotypes are shattered, and where opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of their background. Together, we aspire to be the driving force behind a more just, equitable, and empathetic world. ” 

With support from King County Best Start for Kids, YouthKAN was formed in 2019.

The Council works to mobilize both students and community members towards action on injustices that impact the health and wellbeing of our Asian American communities. YouthKAN meets throughout the school year to share stories and to strategize for policy and culture change. 


Council members are from across the Puget Sound region and are brought together by their passion and shared Asian American identity.

In previous years youth have participated in the following:

  • Public forums and workshops

  • Community interviews

  • Moving in Solidarit

  • Events for the community

Youth who are interested in learning more

about the council or to apply can visit YouthKAN’s website,

WeKAN convenes Korean American middle school students weekly throughout the school year. This middle school youth program works to facilitate mentoring relationships, providing a safe space to explore identities, and dismantling the Model Minority Myth and pressures. The youth build skills and peer support networks through monthly activities to explore the outdoors, view, analyze and create media, dialogue, and play games that build community.



If you have any questions regarding YouthKAN or WeKAN, please contact KCSC Family and Youth Programs at


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