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looking for peer and mentorship support

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Because we believe that healthy fathers are essential to the health of children and all people, KCSC hosts “Appa Hour”. “Appa” (아빠) is the Korean word for father, and the Latin root word, abba means ‘to care for’. This is essentially what we endeavor to do through this program. We want our Appas to feel supported and cared for through sharing, learning and building relationships, as they also support and care for their families.

In this father-only environment, fathers can talk about their experiences with partner and intergenerational communication, baby care, and bicultural parenting. Fathers build and share skills for healthy family relationships with other fathers in similar life stages. The overall purpose of Appa Hour is to establish an environment for fathers to be able to come and have a safe, open and confidential environment to share experiences about fatherhood in order to create a community of care and accountability for fathers. 


  • Appa Hour is for Korean American* fathers of children ages 0-3.

  • Fathers commit to an 8-week long semi-structured support group, in person and online.

  • Groups are conducted in English with Korean translation available as needed.

  • Join other expecting and or new fathers to share experiences regarding raising young children. Spring 2024 session of Appa Hour will be held 1pm on Saturdays, March 23, 2024 - May 11, 2024.

  • Contact: for more details.  We are looking forward to seeing you there and sharing experiences!

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We at KCSC envision an expansive and inclusive Korean community and seek to center marginalized narratives. We recognize that exclusionary definitions of Korean American have harmed members of our Korean American community. Our definitions of “Korean American Father” and “Korean-American co-parents” are inclusive of Korean adoptees, non-Korean adoptive parents, mixed-race fathers and families, LGBTQI+ fathers and families, and Korean dads of any generation and marital status. 

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