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OTTUKI Parent Support Group

Parents who have completed the Ottuki Parent Training Program (a program for parents with children aged 0-5) continue to work as Support Groups since 2021. Three groups of students who completed the spring semester of 2021, three groups who completed the fall semester of 2021, and one group who completed the fall semester of 2022 led by Instructor Young Ok Choi, Instructor Jung-A Chu, and Instructor Jaeeun Lee, share useful information and wisdom through KakaoTalk room and face-to-face meetings. They are receiving a lot of comfort and help from each other by exchanging opinions and communicating about raising their children.

In 2024, we plan to improve face-to-face meetings so that participants can communicate more actively and have various experiences together through hosting 24 support groups that will gather throughout the year around specific topics related to parenting.

2024 오뚝이 써포트그룹 일정.jpg

7/18/2021 Bellevue Support Group

7/31/2021 Federal Way Support Group

8/28/2021 Seattle Support Group

12/4/2021 Sunday Support Group

3/31/2022 Sunday Support Group

4/2/2022 Tuesday Support Group

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